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A request for Smt. Sonia Gandhi from Krystyna-Maria Postawa from Poland

Smt. Sonia Gandhi

President - AICC

I'm Krystyna-Maria Postawa from Poland, a member of the Care2 National Community - a Community over 8 million members : Human Rights, Animal Welfare, Children' s Welfare, Civil Rights, education, enviroment, Peace and Nonviolence, and more.

Naresh Kadyan from India is one of the most aktiv Members here. He wants so much to take away all negative from the world, to save the weak from harm-hurt, to save the animals and their suffering, to end animal experimants, violence against women, to fight with pollution, hunger. He is a great social Aktivist, Animal Rights activist.

Please, allow me to tell more about Mr Naresh Kadyan:

"The bright and social son of bright and social father, Shri. Naresh kumar kadyan has got present, past and surely future would be enlightened with hundreds of sun. His life had been committed for his career and later on got focused on dumb and helpless animals and their protection from cruel weapon, insensitive interest and greed of humanity. He founded and present chairperson of ‘PFA Haryana’, which is running under his guidelines & concern for the protection of animals and their rights. Today his only aim is to provide animals awarded with their core rights to live and breath in this God’s created and mankind controlled world. His contribution for animal welfare and conservation is an inerasable mark on the slate of history and mankind.

Chronology: 1. Graduated from Panjab University, Chandigarh. 2. Achieved Master’s degree in Journalism & Mass communication from Tamilnadu along with Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication. 3. Achieved Diploma in Footwear Technology. 4. Advance course in Footwear Technology with Distinction from Madras. 5. Master Trainer, Animal Welfare Board of India. 6. Elected as a member of the Clothing & Footwear Institute, London in 1983. 7. Press Correspondent for "Jagirti" - A Khadi & Village Industries Commission publication since 1994. 8. He got elected three times as a State President for the Haryana, ‘Khadi Gramodyog Employees Union’. 9. Have been Founder Secretary General of the National K & V.I Boards Employees Federation. 10. Have been State President of the ‘Akhil Bhartiya Gramodyog Mahasangh’. 11. Founder Chairman of the People for Animals Haryana affiliated with RSPCA - London & recognized by the AWBI. 12. National Convener of the ‘Pashu-Pakshi Raksha Adhikar Samiti’ under ‘Sarvdeshik Arya Pritinidhi Sabha’ -World Council of Arya Samaj. 12. Is an Ex. Inspector of Haryana State – AWBI. 13. Is an Ex. Duty Magistrate Prohibition. 14. Nodal Inspecting Authority for Haryana & adjoining area of Rajasthan in the Ministry of Environment & Forests (Govt. of India). 15. Has been Nominee of CPCSEA - Govt. of India. 16. Compiled a Book in Hindi on the basis of the animal related laws, naming ‘Pashuoon Ke Prati Krurta Niwaran’. 17. Filed 35 Public Interest Litigations in the High Courts with 100 % positive results, such as Unbranded eatables, SYL, Misuse of oxytocin injections, Former Indian Cricket Team Captain Nawab M.A Khan Pataudi black buck poaching in Haryana, Elephant Polo in Jaipur, Wildlife Trophies, Dog Marriages in Jaipur, Encroachments, Appointment of Lokpal in Haryana, Formation of a Human Rights Commission in Haryana, Charki Dadri Kadyan-Sangwan Khap & Kadyan-Lohan Khap matter. 18. Has been running ambulance & shelter for animals in distress. 19. Working as a District Khadi & Village Industries officer at Faridabad. 20. PETA, WTI along with Administration appreciate the work & issue certificates.

Activity brief:

Shri. Naresh kr. kadyan, chairman, ‘PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS’ Haryana, lodged more then 450 FIR's of animal cruelty through out the country. He has a national record in his name; he has lodged FIR's against the smugglers of cows after stopping two cattle trains with in 15 days - on 10th. December, 2000 a train carrying cows for slaughtering from Qila Raipur- panjab to howarah - west bengal diverted by the railway authority & kept the train in Tugalakabad-Delhi but naresh kadyan search it out & hijack the train along with cows - then brought to Faridabad railway station & lodged FIR, after getting stay orders from the local courts - the cows were kept in local ‘gaushalas’, ld court convict the offenders. On 28th December, 2000 midnight another cattle train carrying cows for the same route was stopped at Gaziabad & FIR was lodged by the naresh kadyan with grp, ld Allahabad high court up hold the objections raised by the naresh kadyan. This is the national record in the history of animal rights & their welfare. Shri. Naresh kr.kadyan introduced a rehabilitation of kalanders / dancing bears scheme to the then union minister & the same is implemented by the some NGO's in the country. He has caught mongoose hair paints brush trade & lodged maximum FIR’s, he has rescued 29 lions & a bear from the RUSSIAN KOMAL CIRCUS from Palwal - this is also a record recovery of the country. "

Naresh Kadyan is also a member of one or more knowledge categories.

Naresh Kadyan - a Master in Journalism & Mass Communication working for animal rights & their welfare along with Ideology of the father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi since 1984. He has moved 40 public interest litigations in the court of law in India & compiled a book on animal related laws in Hindi, he had been a Duty Magistrate - prohibition also in Haryana. He belongs to Jhajjar district & JAT community of the state.

People for Animals Haryana campaigns for Animal Rights & Welfare. It spearheads a popular movement for respecting all life on this earth and is a small but crucial part of India's growing environmental awareness. Started in 1999 in Haryana by Sh. Naresh Kadyan the then Duty Magistrate Prohibition-cum-District Khadi Village & Village Industry Officer, Faridabad.

People for Animals (PFA) Haryana is Registered NGO, which is recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India. PFA Haryana is also associated with the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, London, England.

He wants to improve the economic, moral and the social standarts of man kind andprotection of animals.

Naresh Kadyan is a leading animal rights activist from India.

We know Him here in our Care2 International Community very good.

Therfore my Friends and me want kindly ask You to to declare Mr Naresh Kadyan as a party candidate for Haryana Rajya Sabha set. We think Naresh Kadyan is a Man of merit and just He ought to receive such a chance.

Best regards,

Krystyna-Maria Postawa

ul. Staromiejska 15/7

41-800 Zabrze


P.S. I enclose the photo of Mr Naresh Kadyan as well as His E-mail address:


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CM rules out state YC chief’s nomination
Race for Rajya Sabha hots up
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 1
Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda has ruled out the nomination of state Youth Congress chief Sanjay Chhokker for a Rajya Sabha seat from Haryana.

Two seats from the state will be up for grabs when the nationwide poll for the Upper House takes place on March 26. The present occupants of the seats are Ram Prakash of the Congress and Harender Malik. INLD chief Om Prakash Chautala sent Malik, a native of western UP, to the Rajya Sabha from Haryana in a bid to expand the party’s base in the Jat belt of UP.

With the ruling Congress in the state being in a position to get its candidates elected from both seats, Congress members are making a beeline for nomination. Chhokker got a resolution passed recently at a meeting of the Youth Congress saying that he should be given nomination for the Rajya Sabha.

Hooda, however, has brushed aside the YC resolution and has made it clear that the youth leader is not being considered for a ticket to the House of Elders.

Ram Prakash was elected following a vacancy created by the death of Sumitra Mahajan, and as a result had a short stint in the House. It is widely believed that Ram Prakash, in view of his truncated tenure, will make a strong case for his re-election. For the other RS seat, there is a huge rush.

Among those who are in the race is working president of the party in Haryana Kuldeep Sharma, a Hooda confidant. Sharma, the party’s Brahmin face, is also fighting a political battle with Arvind Sharma, Congress MP from Karnal, on the issue of influence over the Brahmins. Backers of Kuldeep Sharma argue that if he is sent to the Rajya Sabha, he will be able to position himself better with regard to his fight with the Karnal MP.

Haryana has already sent a Brahmin candidate to the Rajya Sabha in the form of union law minister H.R. Bhardwaj. Bhardwaj, though a native of Haryana, has never taken much interest in the politics of his home state and continues to be aloof.

Srikishan Hooda, who quit his Kiloi assembly constituency to pave the way for Hooda to contest from the seat, is also said to be in contention for the Rajya Sabha this time round.